Abstinence & Contraception

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A trifold pamphlet about condoms and safer sex. Be smart about sex. Take the Condom Quiz. An interactive way to communicate and discuss sex and condoms. This tool serves as a guide to birth control and the correct way to protect your self from sexually transmitted diseases.
Reassures young people that even if they've had sex before, it's okay to say no.
A trifold pamphlet with things you should know about abstinence and why it’s okay to say no.
An excellent overview of abstinence, including: Why it's a good idea and how to handle pressure and more.
A colorful pamphlet that helps young people to understand what abstinence means and how it will protect you from HIV and other STD’s. Spells out what will and won’t put you at risk.
A colorful trifold pamphlet geared towards sexually active people. Discusses the correct way to use condoms, the differences between lubrications, and how condoms protect from sexually transmitted diseases.
This pamphlet counters the view that oral sex isn't "real sex," and gives young people strong reasons for abstaining from sexual activity.
This is a three-fold informative leaflet about condoms, including important facts and how to use a condom.
This pamphlet gives 10 persuasive reasons to take responsibility and practice safer sex, and encourages condom use.

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