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Safer Sex Educators Kit. Deluxe expandable nylon portfolio case complete with supplies for demonstration. This educators kit includes female condom information guide, one wood condom demonstrator, and one latex condom demonstrator, a ‘got lube’ T-shirt,
Poster that emphasizes the importance of having safe sex every time you have sex.
Understanding Birth Control Flip Chart with its bold simple illustrations and bite-size blocks of text, this flip chart helps viewers make confident, informed choices. Discusses male and female reproductive anatomy, menstruation, conception, and methods of contraception.
HIV and AIDS: Death of an Immune System Easel Display shows your group how HIV attacks the body's immune system with the 3-D, handpainted models on this display.
HIV/AIDS Flip Chart explains HIV/AIDS, its symptoms, transmission, and how to avoid the disease.
STD Flip ChartThere's no simple way to talk openly and honestly about sex and its potential consequences. This flip chart presents straightforward facts easing the burden of knowing what to say and how to say it. Covers common STDs, including HIV/AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis B, and HPV, and how to avoid them. Six-panel flip chart has presentation notes on the backside of each panel and is 12" x 17".
A Guide to Contraceptives - Kit. Finally, a way to make understanding contraceptive choices easy! 29" x 20" opened.
Potential Dangers Of Oral 3D Display A disturbing number of young people think oral is risk-free. Displays consequences. 14 1/2" x 21" x 14" opened.
Consequences of HIV/AIDS 3D Display The tragedy of AIDS is that it lays waste to the immune system, leaving those infected weakened against infections that healthy bodies routinely fight off. The grim results are exhibited here: a lung eaten up by tuberculosis, bone attacked by infection, a brain destroyed by toxoplasmosis. Although people with HIV are now living longer, this display is a reminder that complacency can be deadly. Comes in a self-contained carrying case. 28" x 27" opened.
Colorful folding display explains how AIDS affects the immune system and other parts of the body. Constructed from high quality bookbinding materials for durability. Folds flat for easy carrying. Opens to 58” x 22½”
Colorful folding display with eye-catching text and graphics, illustrates the dangers of unsafe sexual practices. Explains the symptoms of various STD’s and what happens if they are left untreated.
Attention grabbing framed chart shows wide range of contraceptive options. Describes how they work, the advantages, disadvantages and reliability of each method. Chart has easel for tabletop display or can be wall mounted. 36" x 24".

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