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FC2 Female Condom

Video Training

FREE Online Training Program!

Developed and Presented by the Female Health Company!

This is an excellent Female Condom Training Series Online.

To take the training click here to go to

The Training Program information is for education purposes only, please contact the Female Health Company for any inquiries related to this program.

For more Education Resources, or to purchase female condoms click here.

Program Summary

The FC2 Online Training Program  provides instruction on how to use and communicate effectively about the FC2 Female Condom.  Participants who complete the training, and pass the training post-test, will receive a certificate as well as supplies (see below for full details). 

This training, which takes about an hour to complete, does not require advanced computer or technical skills.  Each activity will give clear instructions. Some of the activities may take time to load.

**Make sure you write down the code words in each Module.  You will need them for the post-test.**

You will complete five modules:

      Module 1:  FC2: Does it matter what I think, Provider Bias

      Module 2:  Tell me about the FC2,  History of the FC1 & FC2 Female Condoms,           FC1 vs. FC2

Module 3:
FC2 and the Body

      Module 4:   How to use FC2

      Module 5:  How to talk to clients about FC2