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A colorful trifold pamphlet provides information about HIV and safer sex. Counters myths and increases knowledge about HIV infection and safer sex.
A colorful 3 page pamphlet to clear up misinformation about STDs. Covers how STD’s are passed, the symptoms and treatment. A customer favorite! Provides information on Chlamydia, Syphilis, Herpes, Hepatitis B, Gonorrhea, HPV and HIV/AIDS.
Convince your clients or students that alcohol and drug use could put them at serious risk for HIV.
Reassures young people that even if they've had sex before, it's okay to say no.
A trifold pamphlet with things you should know about abstinence and why it’s okay to say no.
A colorful trifold pamphlet that provides basic prevention steps for the two most dangerous types of Hepatitis. Includes information on Hepatitis A too.
A colorful trifold pamphlet that helps teens and young adults lower their risk with these tips. Issues to consider when getting tattooed or pierced. Includes suggestions for locating a safe studio, questions to ask and more.
Explains Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other complications in simple terms.
Covers medications, alcohol, tobacco and street drugs.
Looks at the real risks involved with ecstasy and other club or party drugs.
This is a three-fold leaflet that talks about HIV/AIDS in the Spanish language. It includes important facts and symptoms to look out for.
This is a three-fold leaflet that talks about STDs in the Spanish language. It includes important facts on how to reduce the risk of infection.
There is a myth that oral sex is "safe" sex. Get the facts about STIs, oral sex and how to protect yourself.
Alcohol and other drugs do not cause STIs, but when people are drunk or high, they are more likely to do things that will increase their risk of becoming infected with an STI. Learn how you can take charge of your health and avoid STIs.

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