Ways to Place an Order

Ways to Place and Order with Total Access Group, Inc.

You may place an order with Total Access Group by one of the five following methods:


1.  Website order: Login to your account, shop for items, make a ‘wish list’ or check out anytime 24/7. An order confirmation is emailed to you immediate upon the placement of your order.


2.  Email: Simply send us an email telling us what you want and we will enter the order. We will email or fax you an order confirmation by the end of the day if emailed your order is emailed to us by 1pm PCT. Otherwise we will provide you with the order confirmation the next business day.


3.  Telephone: Call us at 800-320-3716 (toll free mainland U.S) or 714-259-9200 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST). Our experienced Customer Serve Team is available to help you with an order or any questions.


4.  Fax: Fax a copy of your order to us at 714-259-9202. Use your organization Purchase order, or download and complete a Total Access Group, Inc. Order Form. Note this form is write-able on your computer or can be printed and completed by hand.


5.  Mail: Same as #4 above can be sent via mail to our mailing address with your check or payment information.


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