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Condom Dispensers

AIDS service organizations, health departments, and colleges across the country are using these low cost, high impact wall mount condom dispensers to distribute free condoms in bars, restaurants, retail locations, clinics, and on college campuses. Perfected over a twelve year period of field-testing by the Capital City AIDS Fund!

Endorsed by educators, health clinics, and community service providers:

“We ordered more dispensers this year because they have definitely improved our student-run “We’ve Got you Covered” program.
Melissa Ruwitch, Chief Health Promotion, Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

·         "The condom dispensers from Capital City AIDS Fund are fantastic! They have been a wonderful resource to our students on campus, and an important tool for our health promotion efforts."
Patty Blomberg, MPH. MS., Public Health Psychologist, Los Rios College District,    Sacramento, CA.

·         “These condom dispensers from Capital City AIDS Fund allow us to maximize condom distribution in Oahu’s gay bars as well as provide consumers contact information for testing and other resources at Life Foundation. The community likes them because…there is no stigma attached to taking condoms.”
Charles Monoiki Ah Nee-Bahn, HIV Prevention Specialist, Life Foundation, Honolulu, HI.

 “I love the dispensers…I think they’re just perfect.  I especially like the fact that I can put my own message on the front, and I control what is going into the container and how many are coming out of the container. I think they also bring some dignity and respect to the people who utilize them…so they feel it is a comfortable environment for them to go and take a condom.”
Cindy Quenneville, Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS, Phoenix, AZ.
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