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Why do Health Professionals Like Vaginal Contraceptives?
  • Non-Hormonal
    • Appropriate for women who are over 35 years, smoking, conditions that prohibit hormonal therapies
    • Localized, non-systemic
    • Won’t pass hormones to infant through nursing
  • Only used when needed – good for women that have infrequent sexual activity
  • Good alternative for women that are coming off Hormonal Contraceptives but wish to have contraceptive protection.
  • Health Professional like to have options for their patients.


Products (Total Items: 7)
Contraceptive Demonstration Educator Kit is perfect for Contraception Education. Kit includes wide variety of contraceptive options and educational tools.
The LINDI Pelvic Female Contraceptive Demonstrator is the best display model available. It has a clear, plastic cut-a-way to shows female anatomy and physiology.
The VCF Contraceptive Film is the only dissolving film that has been proven to last up to 3 hours. This contraceptive film contains 28% nonoxynol-9.
The VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Film kit consists of 12 contraceptive films and an information flyer in a clear resealable poly bag.

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