Please Note: Strapped Condoms are not available until further notice.  It is unknown what date they may become available again from the manufacturer.

About Strapped Condoms

Strapped Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms is based in Houston, TX with branch locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Atlanta. Our condoms are manufactured in the southeast region of Malaysia and produced from the finest quality of natural latex materials. Strapped brand condoms range in different styles, textures and sizes. Strapped brand condoms, when used properly, will help reduce the transmission of HIV (AIDS), many sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

Strapped Condoms is aware of the need to address the growing number of STD’s throughout the world. Through our partnership with organizations like Saving Our Community Kids and Seniors (S.O.C.K.S), we have committed ourselves to outreach and education to help curve the growing trend of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). Strapped Condoms aims to build a strong foundation that will educate the youth on the consequences of at-risk behavior and why they should STAY STRAPPED. It is common knowledge among health professionals that STD’s,  some of which are incurable and/or fatal, have been found to multiply in societies that engage in
permissive behavior.

Strapped Condoms

Products (Total Items: 4)
Strapped BAGGY-HEAD Lubricated Latex Condoms add stimulation and comfort with the extra headroom pouch.
Strapped Large Gold Fit Lubricated Latex Condoms provide comfort and extra room.
Strapped X-Large Platinum Fit Lubricated Latex Condoms is the largest Strapped condom to provide comfort and extra room.
Strapped Ultrathin Blue Magic Lubricated Latex Condoms are ultra sensitive as if nothing is between you and your partner.

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