World AIDS Day is observed worldwide on December 1 of each year. Dedicated to AIDS awareness and education, this day is supported by events worldwide bringing AIDS challenges and awareness into the forefront of the news. Take advantage of this annual opportunity to promote AIDS awareness.

First conceived in 1987, each year World AIDS Day theme is now chosen by the World AIDS Campaign's Global Steering Committee after extensive consultation with people, organizations and government agencies involved in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

World AIDS Day (Dec 1)

Products (Total Items: 10)
Custom labeled Red Ribbon AIDS Awareness Condom.Assorted colored condoms 150/box
AIDS Day Condoms (Dec. 1) 150/box
Red Ribbon AIDS Awareness Condom Pal.
Condom Pal™ assorted colors condom carrier, with the World AIDS Day label design.
Custom labeled Red Ribbon AIDS Awareness Pleasure Pop.100/box
Assorted color condom Pleasure Pop™ with the World AIDS Day label applied.
Mardi Gras carnival condom bead necklaces labeled with the AIDS awareness ribbon.
Support the cause by wearing our AIDS awareness red ribbon. It is a metal pin with a classic red ribbon and a gold trim.
Circular 1.5" diameter gloss white label with AIDS Red Ribbon
Aids Awareness Red Ribbon T-Shirt. High quality 100% cotton t-shirt emblazoned on the front of each shirt.

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